One past. One idea. One future.


This is the brief summary of the foundation of the messe-manufaktur. 12 years working together in management positions has forged a team, which can communicate effortlessly and whose abilities complement each other perfectly.



Rainer Busse


The treasurer. He is affiinity for automobile, the preservation of the cultural inheritance of automotive technology.


Personal details

 Born 1971, married, 1 child


 Customer support,finance, purchasing, realisation


 20 years in the exhibition business


Peter Daug

The creative head of a creative team. Peter Daug, formerly a keen moto-cross rider and footballer, now rides a Ducati on the road, spends his leisure time looking after two temperamental daughters, as well as a horde of pets, spending the remainder of his time with sport.


Personal details

 Born 1961, married, 2 children


 Customer support, creation


 25 years in the exhibition business